What is FreeDnD? (the website) provides the FreeDnD Codebase (Ruby on Rails) as a free service for DnD Players and Dungeon/Game Masters.

What does FreeDnD do for me in its current state?
As a Player you can:
  • Create a Character
  • Join a Campaign
  • Maintain a Characters Progression through a Campaign
    • Track Abilities, Skills, HP and other attributes
    • Select Equipment, Spells and Features
    • Track miscellaneous items (Inventory)
    • Handle various currencies (pp, gp, ep, sp and cp) with “auto-rounding” wallet
  • Print a PDF version of current Progression state (for the pencil/paper crowd)
  • Broadcast a dice roll (to your campaign)
As a Dungeon/Game Master you can:
  • Create a Campaign
    • Lock it down for joining
    • Invite other users to co-GM (if desired)
  • Create/Manage NPCs in the Campaign
  • Keep notes/journal of game info as Campaign progresses
  • See useful player stats for the PCs such as:
    • Speed, AC, HP, etc.
    • Spell Save DC / Attack Bonus
    • Particularly Strong/Weak Passive Skills
Why does it seem like there are items missing (spells, features, etc.)?
Because some content really is missing. Unfortunately, not all DnD Fifth Edition content exists in the Systems Reference Document. Most of the content here is sourced via the D&D 5e API, which itself is sourced from the 5e Database Repo on Github. They have chosen to keep that database SRD-only which was communicated as such:
We're going to keep the SRD as our only basis. We even removed the PHB/DMG pages that were previously mentioned because they're not SRD data, so we're definitely and consciously away from that kind of integration. See response to our reported issue
Something is missing and/or I want to report a bug. How do I do this?
Report any bugs or missing content that you come across as an issue on Github from here. For content that is missing, if the content is not in the SRD, please mention its source so we can verify and defer to it accurately in our description.